Another Story

Melodic House

The two brothers finally got back together with Another Story!

Monomotion & Piers finally found the opportunity to work together and bring their minds around a gorgeous melodic deep house track which shows how great both styles can merge in a wonderful and mysterious way. Gloomy, Atmospheric and Melancholic, it's a perfect dancefloor track for a public in need of a journey trying to get out of the reality.

Monomotion and Piers have finally joined forces to release a captivating deep house track that showcases the best of both artists' styles. Called "Another Story", it is a perfect blend of Monomotion's melodic and atmospheric sound with Piers' melancholic and mysterious vibe.

“Things got hard the past few years, it just felt right to sit together and make a record. We’ve been thinking about it since early Covid. Now it’s here and it just resonates with what we’ve been trying to say out loud.” - says Piers on working with Monomotion.

Another Story” takes the listener on an unforgettable musical journey that is both enchanting and powerful. It has a unique ability to transport the listener out of reality and into a world of deep, dreamy melodies that are perfect for any dance floor.

The track showcases Monomotion's expertise in creating lush soundscapes and Piers' talent for crafting emotive and captivating melodies. Together, they have created a song that is both haunting and uplifting, with a captivating beat that is impossible not to move to.

“After releasing new music on Insrt, and wanting to go back to a more club scene, Another Story really brings the best of both worlds for me. And having to work with Thibault (a.k.a Piers) while we both had major changes to our lives makes it really special for me. I can’t wait for people to hear it and dance.” - reflects Monomotion on working with Piers.

This new single is a must-listen for anyone who loves deep house music and wants to experience the perfect fusion of two incredible artists. It's a track that will leave you feeling invigorated and inspired, ready to take on whatever the world has to offer.

The track is available for streaming and download on all major music platforms. To learn more about Monomotion and Piers, follow them on social medias.

Composed by Thibault Pierens & Erol Engintalay

Mastering by HP Mastering

Insrt Publishing 2023